Our Services

Sales Tax Overpayment Recovery

Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo's main focus is identifying areas where sales tax was overpaid and obtaining refunds of those overpayments. 

Utility Studies

We have a uniquely qualified staff with the sales tax knowledge and technical expertise needed to determine the exempt portion of your utility consumption. 

Customized Seminars

A customized sales tax seminar will provide you with the knowledge necessary to be more tax compliant, saving your company money.

Compliance Review

A compliance review will determine how accurately your company is complying with sales tax laws and regulations. 

Audit Support

Our audit support can help lighten the burden and lower the final assessment when dealing with sales tax audits. 

Ready to find out more?

If given the opportunity to recover otherwise lost dollars, improve your company's sales tax compliance, make certain the state isn't getting any more than its fair share and accomplish this at no cost to you, isn't it worth taking the time to learn how?