What are your fees?

Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo's Overpayment Recovery Review is on a contingency fee basis, payable only after you receive your refund. If we find nothing, you pay nothing. Our fees are based only on recoveries we obtain for you. We believe that the resulting future tax savings are yours alone. 

Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo's Compliance Review identifies sales tax liabilities as well as overpayments. This service is performed on an hourly fee basis, including, at your option, preparation and submission of claims to recover any identified overpayments.  

For information on fees for our other services please contact us.

How much do you usually recover?

Typically Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo produces five or six-figure refunds for our clients - money that the state would otherwise keep!

We're a manufacturer; we pay little sales tax - why do we need your services?

When purchasing goods and services, manufacturers are entitled to numerous exemptions. However, Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo's 25+ years of experience and millions of dollars in refunds for our clients have shown that most manufacturers do not take full advantage of ALL of their sales tax savings opportunities.

Reasons manufacturers need our services:

  • Changes in tax laws.
  • Exemptions, other than production, which your company may be unaware of.
  • Tax unintentionally paid even though your staff were aware of exemptions.
  • Purchased goods or services posted to taxable accounts but used in a manner qualifying them as exempt.
  • Purchases which are usually taxable but are used in such a way making them exempt.

What about confidentiality?

Many of our clients are family owned operations, defense contractors, or major food manufacturers, so we have a heightened sensitivity to confidentiality. Although our contract states that information that we have access to will be kept in strictest confidence, we will also sign any confidentiality agreement you provide.

Our accounting team knows what they’re doing - why do we need your services?

Complex manufacturing procedures require effective quality control to meet the highest standards. Accounting processes can also benefit from a similar kind of quality assurance. If you haven't had a state sales tax audit looking to assess you on tax underpayments, or had a review conducted to recover overpayments, can you be sure that your sales tax processes meet the same high standards as your products?

Reasons why competent accounting teams still miss things:

  • Tax department rulings which are not widely disseminated and create new sales tax exemptions.
  • Reliance on outdated sales tax guidelines or internal policies.
  • Diminishing time your staff can allocate to sales tax issues.
  • Junior or temporary personnel uncertain about the complexities of the business or the importance of sales tax compliance.

How much of my staff’s time is involved?

Very little! We spend about fifteen minutes with a senior financial person (VP Finance, Controller, etc.) asking some basic questions. Then, we ask for a place to work, the location of your files, and a chart of accounts. As we near the completion of our review, we may request a meeting to obtain clarification on certain items. Once submitted, we take care of any necessary claim follow up.

What if you find underpayments during an Overpayment Recovery Review?

Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo's Sales Tax Overpayment Recovery Review by definition is restricted to identify overpayments.  However, should we come across a material underpayment we will bring it to the attention of your accounting team as a courtesy.

Can filing a refund claim trigger a sales tax audit?

It is exceedingly rare for a refund application to result in a sales tax audit. State audit departments are already so busy that they cannot audit every taxpayer for each refund claim received.  Our experience has shown that a properly prepared refund claim, well substantiated and in the desired format, will almost always be handled internally by the state. Occasionally a client will have already been scheduled for an audit by the state, in which case the claim will be automatically forwarded to a field auditor. 

In Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo's 25+ years, we have worked with various state sales tax departments and we have established an excellent reputation. If the state sees a claim from Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo, it knows the claim has been prepared accurately. 

What if you find that I am overpaying sales tax on my utilities?

If Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo finds that you are overpaying on your utilities we will be happy to complete a utility study for your company. The utility study will determine how much sales tax should be paid on your utility consumption. Please contact us for more information on fees for this service.

What if I have any questions after you have completed your work?

Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo will provide you with a complete set of schedules and applications for your refund so you have copies of everything that was submitted on your behalf. If you have any questions after your claim has been filed or paid, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. For the most part we will be able to provide you with an answer the same day. If it is a gray area, we will give you our honest opinion, and can assist you in requesting a written interpretation or ruling from the state.