Quality Vision International Inc.

"I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the results of these audits, but more so with the Baker Shore team themselves. In between audits, I have reached out numerous times to Joe DiLorenzo and Jennifer Cavalieri for individual tax questions or concerns. I always receive quick responses and guidance for all my issues."

Elaine Lutario - Controller

Quality Vision International Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Latham Pool Products, Inc.

“One major area in question by NYS was sales tax related to our utilities. Mike Holt and Joe DiLorenzo reviewed our utilities information, conducted an analysis of our exempt and taxable use and presented their findings which were accepted by the New York State tax department. This resulted in the correct assessment of our utilities.”

Fred Wunning - Corporate Controller & Director of Tax

Latham Pool Products Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Fieldtex Products, Inc.


“The entire firm has been very responsive to questions and assisting us in this process. They have offered to be an ongoing resource for us to reach out as well.”

Sam Summerville - Controller

Fieldtex Products Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Barton Mines


“They generated a $66,000 total refund and the firm’s managing partner, Joe DiLorenzo presented a customized seminar at our location to help our company realize future savings through enhanced sales tax compliance.”

Todd Agans - Director of Finance/Controller

Barton Mines Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Beech-Nut Nutrition Company

“In our constant search for 'continuous improvement' opportunities, their services were a perfect fit for our organization…”

Jessica M. Brown - Accounting Supervisor

Beech-Nut Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Getinge USA, Inc.

“He even found an error in an opinion Getinge received from a prominent CPA firm, which resulted in a sizable refund.”

Tammy Gangarosa - Corporate Accounting Director

Getinge USA Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Graphic Controls

“Working with Baker Shore & DiLorenzo, LLC was a pleasure. The audit took very little involvement on our part.”

Gary M. Toomey - Chief Financial Officer

Graphic Controls Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Air Stream Foods

“Recently, Baker Shore assisted us with a New York State sales tax exam and relentlessly worked with tax authorities from the Queens District office on our behalf. Their team provided expert consultation and guided us with preparation of a rebuttal, resulting in a substantial assessment reduction.”

Joseph Salvator, CPA, CGMA - Chief Financial Officer

Air Stream Foods Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Optimax Systems

“As a result of the compliance review, I now have significantly greater confidence in our processes and our purchasing team’s ability to make the right decisions regarding when to provide exemption forms.”

Tom Starin - Controller

Optimax Systems Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Redco Foods

“Like most, we were initially concerned about our level of involvement and if requesting a sales tax refund might trigger a state sales tax audit. Over the course of nearly a decade, I’m pleased to say that even after three separate sales tax refunds, we have not had a NYS sales tax audit and our involvement was minimal during each occasion.” 

Carine Madison - Controller

Redco Foods Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Von Roll USA

“Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo has filed 2 separate sales tax returns and have recovered roughly $75,000 for Von Roll thus far… we will have a better understanding and should be able to avoid paying unnecessary sales tax going forward.”

Matt Couture - Finance Manager of North America

Von Roll USA Letter of Recommendation (pdf)



“As a privately held company, we do not readily open our doors and files to a third party without careful consideration.”

James J. Garner, CPA - Controller

Gernatt Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Sahlen Packing Company, Inc.

“As Accounting Manager of Sahlen Packing Company, Inc., I naturally felt that we were paying as little sales tax as possible. Baker Shore changed my outlook.”

James F. Bowen - Accounting Manager

Sahlen Packing Letter of Recommendation (pdf)


Additional Letters of Recommendation available upon request.